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19 July, 2013
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The Sodshow Meets Gerry Daly

The SodShow, Dublin’s only garden radio show. Live every Friday @ 3pm – or after tea-time in podcast
On This Weeks Show:

This week Peter Donegan talks to one of the best know people in horticulture in Ireland, Gerry Daly. Gerry has been the editor of The Irish Garden magazine since 1991 and has also established the sister company to the magazine Gerry shares his thoughts and insight on an industry he has been at the helm since the early 80’s.

This week we also head back to to Kildare and hear from David Corscadden who talks about the great sunshine we have at the moment and the work it is creating for gardeners. He also tells us about a recent trip to the Botanic Gardens and his search for garden inspiration. All that, so much only on Ireland’s only [and award winning] garden radio show, The Sodshow.

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7 August, 2012
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Meet The Sodshow @ The Spirit of Folk Festival 2012

Last year The Sodshow met with and aired our pre the festival actually taking place meet with The Spirit of Folk Festival folk. More than that ? We went to the gig, caught some cracking audio [aired it] and had an absolute legend of a weekend.

This September 2012, we return to Dunderry. Being really [really] honest, Ireland’s friendliest festival simply could not come soon enough.

Of note, our very own Peter Donegan will speaking there on the Saturday at the Ecology area.

If you are headed along, give us a shout and let us know. We can have say hello and have a cup of tea, or whatever ails you, together.

Further info and tickets for The Spirit of Folk Festival 2012:

25 July, 2012
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It’s funny the way it all works out sometimes. Some say it’s pure luck. Some say it’s all down to very hard work. I think it’s a mixture of both, or none, in equal measures with a little added if it’s meant to be.

That’s a bit vague, maybe. But I don’t honestly believe there is an equation for falling in love, if you get me, or, making that type of thing happen. The chemistry, so to speak.

Anyhow. April 2010, Ireland had no home-grown garden green radio show or podcast. There were some segments within shows but nowhere really to tell a full green yarn. Talking with Bernie Goldbach, he suggested I do a weekly audio advice type something for my landscaping blog and on May 13th 2010 I recorded my first 5 minute ‘Weekly Garden Podcast’, into the tail end of my iPhone from my back garden.

With it’s popularity grew its duration to 10 minutes long and via a [all free gratis] chat with the legendary Krishna De; a logo by no relation Luke Donegan; a little help from Mark Rock; a radio jingle by Brian Greene and a name chosen via twitter – on August 5th 2010 The Sodcast was borne. A 20 minute long weekly gardening podcast.

Throughout I’d been garden advice guesting on various radio stations, one of which was Dublin City Fm and it was a chat with radio presenter John Byrne that led to a meeting with the station and the idea of turning The Sodcast podcast in a radio show.

I rang Brian Greene. I was going to need a new jingle. Somehow or other Brian ended up coming along to that meeting and on March 11th 2011, The Sodcast became The Sodshow and hosted by Brian and Peter aired live on air and in podcast.

The general gist of The Sodshow, from the outset was [and still is] a sort of get you outside first/ botanical latin later; A show that was inclusive rather than excluding, irrespective whether you had a garden or not and also of your horticultural knowledge or entire lack of.

More than that I hoped, that gardening and the great outdoors would be a happier place because of what was recorded and that you listened to. Something that would make you smile, as gardening should do.


Peter Donegan began gardening at the age of 5. When he grew up he went on to study horticulture for 4 years. In 2001 he set up Donegan Landscaping and has won a host of design and landscape awards for 17th and 18th century gardens and show gardens at National competition. Peter’s pastime is techie stuff and he lives in the wee rural town of Ballyboughal, North County Dublin.

Brian Greene is a veteran of Irish Radio, broadcasting and podcasting. Brian has been building web since 1994 and fusing his internet consulting experience with his passion for radio. In 2003 Brian was awarded ‘Best Web Designer’ at the IIA Net Visionary Awards and in 2006 he went on to win their ‘Best podcaster’ award. Brian is not very green and lives by the sea in Baldoyle, North Dublin.