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The Sodshow is available for sponsorship and no matter how small, your continued support is very much what keeps the lights on. Before you read any further, thank you for being brilliant. Cliché as it may sound, this garden podcast is nothing without you by my side.

X Peter

Some ways to help may require a small leprechaun, but for the greater part you listening and your hugs are the only currency here. Take a read below, see what you think and thank you. Thank you so very much.

Zero Cost:

  • subscribe in iTunes or any good podcast store
  • Like or Follow The Sodshow on facebook or twitter
  • in iTunes and Stitcher leave a rate or review
  • A blog post, article or just drop me a line and say hi.

Some Cost:

  • Buy –  The Official Sodshow T-shirt. We don’t get any money from this. But you’ll look great.
  • Bake me a cake. Guinness may also fall into this category.

Official Partners:

  • Official coffee partners to The Sodshow since 2013 are Two Spots Coffee. Zero money exchanges, just the beans.


  • One episode, one month, one week, a series of shows, or something else I may have missed.
  • some random suggested sponsorship opportunities for 2017 
  • Thought of something that I haven’t ? Swing on by. I do great coffee.

And thank you,

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