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What started in 2009 as my goofing around with audio has I guess evolved into something a little brighter. I was always a bit surprised that anyone listened at all and being honest, I still am. I’m humbled always that you listen and reading this page. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Making this thing I love costs and that it pays for itself or better, is it appears a far away place. In truth, I have a real job making and designing gardens and this is not that. However….. if you are a marketing genius or a company that would like to sponsor this garden podcast ? I will very happily put the kettle on and look forward to your phone call.

In the meantime, if you wish to support Peter which supports The Sodshow Garden Podcast then the following are some ways you can do so.

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Peter Donegan:

Peter Donegan is available for garden talks, hosting, garden shows or classes and demonstrations. Or something else you might think of.

Other Ways and Some Examples:

The Sodshow garden podcast is very available for sponsorship.

In 2017, The Sodshow Live Show took place in Salt Lake City and Dublin Castle. In 2018 a series of episodes was recorded at Ascot Spring Garden Show, CED Natural Stone made possible the RHS Chelsea epsiodes and this was followed by London College of Garden Design in celebration of their 10 year Anniversary.

By no means least, since 2012 Two Spots Coffee have bartered beans for mentions. Considering my opening paragraph above top, I’m very grateful and again humbled.

For you the listener:

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The Sodshow has no donate / patreon page – I don’t know why exactly; it’s just not my thing. You can however post nice things (address below) or something else that I can’t think of just now that would make your Mother very proud of you.

You can also buy an Official Sodshow T-shirt. It’ll cost you about 30 dollars. And though I do not make any money on them – you’ll look super and fingers crossed we’ll both be delighted.

In the meantime:

If you fancy a chat or have a cunning plan, my contact details are below. More than you realise, thank you so very much.


Post some nice things to this address:

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