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There are a few ways in which you can show a little Sodshow love.

Some require a small leprechaun, but for the greater part you listening and your hugs are the only currency that counts here. Either or, take a read below and see what you think. And thank you. Thank you so very much.

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The Official Sodshow T-Shirt:

They look great. You’ll look great. Created by the wonderful Two Ton Murphy. This is the first official ever sodshow merchandise and ships worldwide – Delivery can take around 12 days


One episode, one month, one week, a series of shows, the intro jingle or something else I may have missed – it is all up for sponsorship and it is your continued support that keeps The Sodshow very much alive.

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Official Partners:

Though it helps, it’s not always about the dollars. Official coffee partners to The Sodshow since late 2013 has been Two Spots Coffee. Zero money exchanges – just the beans.


Hugs, cake and ice cream are all considered legal tender.
Seriously, cake is actually considered legal tender. In real life.

Thought of something that I haven’t ?
Swing on by. I do great coffee.

And thank you,
Xx Peter

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