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I won’t suggest The Sodshow has not had it’s time centre stage. But for all its successes if I may call them that, it is still run, managed and paid for in my spare time and at my own expense.

Some ways to help may require a small leprechaun, but for the greater part you listening and your hugs are the only currency here. Take a read below, see what you think and thank you. Thank you so very much.

Zero Cost:

  • subscribe in iTunes or any good podcast store
  • Like or Follow The Sodshow on facebook or twitter
  • in iTunes and Stitcher leave a rate or review
  • A blog post, article or just drop me a line and say hi.

Some Cost:

  • Buy –  The Official Sodshow T-shirt. We don’t get any money from this. But you’ll look great.
  • Bake me a cake. Guinness may also fall into this category.

Official Partners:

  • Official coffee partners to The Sodshow since 2013 are Two Spots Coffee. Zero money exchanges, just the beans.



Thought of something that I haven’t ? Swing on by. I do great coffee.

And thank you,
Xx Peter

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