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If you are a listener to The Sodshow and wish to help out, the following are your options.

Zero Cost:

  • A rate / review and subscribe to The Sodshow in iTunes, or other podcast provider – taking the time to do that is far harder than it seems.

A Stage Further:

  • as much as I do make this garden podcast at my own cost, I’m really very grateful to those who take the time to those who come on as guests.
    – if you enjoyed an episode – let them know on twitter or facebook. It really does make all the difference.

Some Cost:

The Sodshow has no donate / patreon type supporter page and does not accept donations from listeners.

Far better instead and though I do not make any money on them, The Sodshow T-shirt. It’ll cost you about 30 dollars approx all in and you’ll look super. Let me know if you do. I’ll be delighted.

Official Partners:

Official coffee partners to The Sodshow since 2012 are Two Spots Coffee. Zero money exchanges, just the beans – kind of like a barter option. Reckon you might be up for that ? Drop me a line.

Or just post some nice things. Cake and guinness are considered legal tender.


If you really really insist on giving money, Temple Street Childrens Hospital are very close to my heart. A story for another day,over a Guinness – you can donate a few quid to the annual half marathon I do for them. Donate: Peters Half Marathon for Temple Street


Whilst I do take great pride in what The Sodshow has become, I’m just not good at asking for money, in this case; for something that is not what I do for a living. I’m told I need a Jerry Maguire to help me out.

That aside, and to be honest, it could do with a few bob and the little costs are starting to add up, a little. Equipment, microphones and travel/ accomodation to the flower shows are very much a part of The Sodshow – if you fancy inviting me to yours to record, MC or talk on stage, costs covered and / or paid to interview live on stage are really very much appreciated.

Of course you could always ask that I do a garden talk at your event

The Sodshow garden podcast is very available for sponsorship – if you are the right partner or know one who might just be, please do get in touch.

  • One episode, one month, one week, a season or more.
  • Book The Sodshow Live Show or, Peter
  • Fund Peter to get to a garden show, or just the hotel or the private jet ?
  • Thought of something that I haven’t,
  • Drop me a line – my phone number is just below.

More than you realise, thank you so very much.

Post some nice things to this address:

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