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21 June, 2017
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The Story: The Sodshow Live, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Thyme and Place

On This Weeks Garden Podcast:

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March 2017 saw Dublin based Landscape Garden maker and Designer Peter Donegan travel to Salt Lake City, Utah for a myriad of reasons; one of them was to do The Sodshow Garden Podcast, The Live Show.

Fair to suggest Donegan did a little more than that.

Over his nine days there either side of St Patrick’s Day, the Dublin based horticulturist made his US TV debut on ABC4 Utah, the front page of The Salt Lake Tribune, hosted two live shows over 2 nights, marched in their St Patrick’s Day Parade, gave 2 master garden classes, 3 radio interviews, 1 planting ceremony in his honour…. was the guest of honour and then presented a bowl of (real) shamrock to The President of The Hibernian Society of Utah at their annual luncheon- their first time in their history to have it and post a dinner sitting next to Mary Robinson and the Irish Consulate Philip Grant; where all 3 including Peter gave a speech; presented a piece of Blarney Stone to the society.

The reason (?) he traveled for 9 days either side of St Patrick’s Day was entirely down to Melinda Meservy, owner of a boutique garden store called Thyme and Place.

How did it all happen and what actually happened whilst Peter Donegan was there ?

This is just some of the audio, edited down and collated from the before during and after that tells that story.

Live from Salt Lake City Utah, brought to you by Thyme and Place. Peter Donegan was there for a little over one week were 6 guests in total, over 2 nights either side of St Patricks Day 2017 were interviewed in front of a live audience.

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Farewell, many thanks and safe travels to Peter Donegan of the @Sodshow. From last night’s window… house lights up.


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15 June, 2017
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Garden Podcast: Gavin McWilliam and Andrew Wilson, RHS Chelsea, 2017

On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

andrew wilson, gavin mcwilliam, rhs chelsea 2017

Peter Donegan chats with Gavin McWilliam and Andrew Wilson.

Wilson McWilliam designed and built their first Gold medal winning garden on main avenue Chelsea this June 2017. This interview took place before they were awarded this medal.

Considering their first gold post three silver gilt medals at RHS Chelsea, it really makes this interview, for me, quite an insight – because I guess the future for the Breaking Ground garden sponsored by Darwin Property Investment Management Ltd in support of Wellington College, was essentially unknown.

From their first garden built together, to how the duo work together in their design, to falling in love; horticulture in mind. And from what a gold medal really means, their 2017 garden at RHS Chelsea, the judging process and just why they strive for only the best and the disappointments that may come with and equally the successes.

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8 June, 2017
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Garden Podcast: Paul Stone, BBC Gardeners World, Live

On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

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This year BBC Gardeners World celebrates 50 years on television.

And to coincide with that celebration, BBC Gardeners World Live are marking this milestone in broadcasting history with the commission of two feature gardens by two of the country most exceptional garden designers. One of those is by Paul Stone and on todays episode, with thanks to BBC GWL, Peter Donegan chats the multi gold medal winning Chelsea Flower Show and Hampton Court Palace Flower garden designer.

From the (also) 50th anniversary of Sgt Peppers by The Beatles, in case you were not aware, Paul’s garden design career, what is BBC Gardeners World and his appearances on the televison show to just what one can expect at the Live show and The Nostalgia Garden he is creating there.

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BBC Gardeners World Live takes place at The NEC Birmingham 15 – 18 June 2017 and The hour-long anniversary episode will air on BBC2 on Friday 16 June.

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30 May, 2017
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The Sodshow: Esther Gerrard, Bloom Fringe 2017. The Church Bar, Dublin

On This Episode of the garden podcast:

sodshow live, bloom fringe 2017

Peter Donegan chats with Esther Gerrard of Bloom Fringe Dublin, 2017.

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First up:

Formerly a molecular biologist now a landscape architect based in Dublin, Esther is one of the very merry Bloom Fringe ladies that are set to take over Dublin City Centre this weekend Saturday June 3rd and Sunday June 4th 2017.

As part of the 2 day event, The Sodshow will be Live from Dublin Castle on the Saturday and Live from The Church Bar and Restaurant, Wolfe Tone Square on the Sunday.

For tickets, for which almost all are free as a by the way (but may require booking) you’ll all the info on or EventBrite and book them there.

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17 May, 2017
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Garden Podcast: meet Ann Marie Powell, 2017 – Part 1 and Part 2

Above part 1, below part 2 with Ann-Marie Powell.

On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

ann marie powell

Peter Donegan chats with garden designer, tv presenter and pretty much one of the finest ladies you may ever have the pleasure to meet, Ann Marie Powell.

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The last time Ann Marie was on The Sodshow Garden Podcast was March 2016, just before she went to RHS Chelsea Flower Show to build The RHS garden there; an accolade greater in horticulture I really don’t believe exists. And not only that but post the build, she then presented for the BBC and their coverage of RHS Chelsea 2016.

We discuss that, her Gold medal at Hampton, her childhood, her growing up and family life; we also stop along the way to chat what it means to be a little different, unique and maybe a bit special – depending on how you define those words. And in true Sodshow style, the conversation of course strays entirely off course and back again.

This as always when meeting Ann Marie, was again as it always is, an absolute honour.

Show Links:

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