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The SodShow is an award winning garden podcast based in the UK and Ireland.

Hosted by horticulturist Peter Donegan and beautifully assisted by a band of very merry (wo)men, the former radio show airs every Friday and is available via The Sodshow website, in iTunes and all good podcast stores.

The Sodshow is available for sponsorship.

Peter Donegan – A Very Short History:

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I started growing plants from the age of 5, created my first garden aged 10 and of now have won national awards for the design and build of 17th and 18th Century estates. I have also built and designed show gardens for both display and at national competition. And whether I am creating gardens privately, advising, teaching or talking about a particular horticultural subject, horticulture and gardening has been my entire life and I am at my happiest when I and the great outdoors are together. I started Donegan Landscaping Dublin in 2001, aged 24.

From a horticultural speaking perspective, I am the host and producer of The Sodshow – Ireland’s garden radio show (twice awarded Ireland’s Best Podcast) and I have spoken at everything from music festivals and one-off public gardening demonstrations, to private gardening classes and demonstrations and also Gardening and Horticultural societies.

I am a former garden columnist and writer with The Farmers Journal and Self Build Ireland magazine and have also written freelance. I have given gardening demonstrations on national tv and featured on Irish television and as far as Australia with gardens I have made under my own name and as part of televison shows. I have also featured on radio not only for The Sodshow but also on RTE radio, KRCL 90.9 and LMFM, to name but a few.

The Sodshow – The Back Story:

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April 2010, Ireland had no home-grown garden green radio show or podcast. There were some segments and slots within shows but nowhere at all to tell a full green yarn.

Talking with Bernie Goldbach, he suggested I do a weekly audio advice type something for my landscaping blog and on May 13th 2010 I recorded my first 5 minute ‘Weekly Garden Podcast’, into the tail end of my iPhone from my back garden.

With it’s popularity grew its duration to 10 minutes long and via a [all free gratis] chat with the legendary Krishna De; a logo by no relation Luke Donegan; a little help from Mark Rock; a radio jingle by Brian Greene and a name chosen via twitter – on August 5th 2010 The Sodcast was borne. A 20 minute long weekly gardening podcast.

Throughout I’d been garden advice guesting on various radio stations, one of which was Dublin City Fm and it was a chat with radio presenter John Byrne that led to a meeting with the station and the idea of turning The Sodcast podcast in a radio show.

I rang Brian Greene. I was going to need a new jingle. Somehow or other Brian ended up coming along to that meeting and on March 11th 2011, The Sodcast became The Sodshow and hosted by Brian and Peter aired live on air and in podcast. In August 2016, whilst still Ireland’s only full time garden radio show, it left the airwaves of Dublin.

The general gist of The Sodshow, from the outset was [and still is] a sort of get you outside first/ botanical latin later; A show that was inclusive rather than excluding, irrespective whether you had a garden or not and also of your horticultural knowledge or entire lack of.

More than that I hoped, that gardening and the great outdoors would be a happier place because of what was recorded and that you listened to. Something that would make you smile, as gardening should do.


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