The Sodshow, Garden Podcast

It’s Time

After almost 9 years and 4 hundred and something episodes, the time has come.

From 2010/ 11 when only the beeb, the rhs and (for a period) the guardian existed, I began this now journey to give other voices and stories a place to be heard, including those that wouldn’t normally – there was very simply no where to go. That landscape has now changed and like a Quantum Leap episode and either way I look at it, the not for money ever thing I did because it made me smile, became something greater than I could ever have imagined.

I dont have any one particular reason why and would probably be better with a microphone and another 30 minutes to let all of the little people in there have their say – Mam always said I was better talking the daydreams and that’s in my head.

I guess I feel it’s time.

Will there be a comeback ? It’s unlikely. Am I open to something else ? The kettle and phone is always on. Will I miss it and you who made it happen ? Like Kate Bush singing Wuthering Heights.

That the common denominator between us was always sunshine, never monetary and entirely made of pavlova, guinness and references to the Jimi Hendrix experience is something quite special, when you think about it.

Episode number 439, sponsored by CED Stone will air October 16th 2019.

In the meantime you’ll find me over at – twitter: @DoneganGardens– facebook: DoneganLandscaping -instagram: PeterDonegan

To you all, I am indebted. Thank you. X

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