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Garden Podcast: Jos Smit, Jub Holland

On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

Jos Smith grows and breeds 250 acres of flower bulbs in Holland.

The son of a bulb grower, on todays episode Peter Donegan and Jos chat everything from changes in chemical, fertiliser and manual labour to wild flower bulb mixes and supplying bulbs to Wimbledon, Wisley and Kew Gardens to how not just of commercial large scale planting but also in a domestic market how trends and the new generation of bulb growers are changing what remains the development of the same end product.

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On a slight side note, but still talking about bulbs; if you’ve ever wondered how one plants 120 bulbs per square metre, 25000 bulbs per hour and approximately 1500 square metres of bulbs per day – or – one bulb in a pot; or you are just fascinated by what is the calender year of a dutch bulb farmer, I think you’re gonna like this episode.

With thanks to London College of Garden Design for making this one happen.

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