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Garden Podcast: Alec White, Primrose Hall Peonies

On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

Alec White formerly worked in a garden centre, studied law, became a barrister and, for the last 12 years has grown Peonies and since then has exhibited in the floral pavillion at RHS Chelsea. On todays episode Peter Donegan chats the beast from the east, how did that pasion end becoming the living income, Bronwynne Britt and how we came to chat with each other in the first place and the dream of living the horticultural dream (?) and staying in business.

With thanks to Catherine and the team at CED Natural Stone for supporting this one and making the RHS Chelsea episodes possible. And Le Bron. Ye done good. X

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From the best peony plants to buy, the top 5 sellers that you can purchase and old things your granny might have told you about them to the best advice and care, some varieties that might suit in a small garden all the way to those that their flower reminded Peter of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars and a little help from former guest Kate Gould.

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