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Garden Podcast: Mark Diacono

On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

The last time Peter Donegan spoke with Mark Diacono was 2015. Where does the time go. And honestly don’t even answer that question. Anyhoo. At that time, Otter Farm hadn’t really got off the ground or, was not yet a structure if that makes better sense.

Back to this episode; I’m at Chelsea, in the floral pavillion. Former guest, fellow Arsenal fan and absolute legend The Rob Hardy comes running out and throws his arms around me and when I turn around The Diacono is there.

With thanks to Giles and the team at CED Natural Stone for making the RHS Chelsea episodes possible.

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Sometimes and for the greater we are going our separate ways or, we are at an awards thingymajig, but on this occasion we get chatting and I’m hesitant to pull out the microphone because it doesn’t always have to be recorded and friends are allowed to just chat and shoot the breeze, if you will.

But like being an Undertones fan and asking yet not asking a girl to dance it crops up in conversation. Ten minutes he says, I got ten. I’ll need 30, I reply. 15 says Mark. I’m half way to an Andy Kaufman story here but we settle for something as versus nothing and it ended up as 30.

I’m always grateful for peoples time. This one meant a lot. It’s a little funny with the microphone there. And we’ve recorded inside a shepherds hut – which is an odd sensation listening back; but it’s good and I hope you enjoy it. And thank you. Thank you for taking the time to listen.

Much thanks, always X

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