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Peter Donegan, On: KRCL 90.9 fm, Radioactive, Salt Lake City


It’s been almost one year to the day that I spoke with Lara Jones and Aldine on Salt Lake City’s KRCL 90.9 fm – once from before I went to do The Sodshow Live Show there and the second, on St Patricks Day 2017 mid way through.

Because there still exists a slight time lag on long distance phone calls via a radio studio desk, we did this one pre recorded digitally. I should also add though we are still in touch and they 2 people that I consider very much good friends, it had been a little since we had a good catch up and hence the editing.

As noted I’m set to become a little more of a regular guest on Salt Lake City’s primetime radio show.

Further info – KRCL 90.9 

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