The Sodshow, Garden Podcast

Peter Donegan, On: The New Utah Podcast


The format of this podcast is a little different to how The Sodshow does it and you’ll hear a little noise intermittently until the lovely bunch get sorted and in part throughout the show.

Also, it’s about 2 hours long – so you might want to grab a cuppa or as I do, pop the headphones in and get on with what makes you smile.

Anyhoo, amongst the many gardening podcasts I listen to sits firmly The New Utah Podcast.

I would have met Jess who hosts the show alongside Chris, Jeremy and Bre when I was in Salt Lake City to do The Sodshow Live Show in 2017 – and we’ve remained friends since. Fair to suggest I’m a big fan. And, that in mind this one really was an absolute honour.

It’s available in iTunes etc and/ or you can listen below.

Much thanks lads. V much appreciated.
Lá Fheile Phádraig shona dhaoibh. Happy St Patricks Day.


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