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On this episode of the garden podcast Peter Donegan sits down with James Basson – in the front of Peter’s jeep actually, to chat pretty much everything.

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From walking the walk and being James Basson to the garden at RHS Chelsea 2017 which, despite winning Gold and Best in Show, was compared to a graveyard and took what I can only describe as a battering in the mainstream media.

If you’re unsure who James maybe is, the following may help:

James Basson has designed and won medals for show gardens at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the Gardening World Cup Japan and the Singapore Garden Festival to name but a few. He is a member of the Society of Garden Designers (SGD) in the UK.

Peter and James talk lonely places, stirring the pot, his first ever garden, people you respect in the industry, empathy, just what the future holds for the business and so much more. He really needs no introduction. Out of respect and more to the point for the gentleman that he is outside of gardens, I had considered writing nothing here; if you get me. I hope you get me.

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Further information on James Basson:

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