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Land8: Podcasts in the Spotlight, 10 Brilliant Shows


It’s always nice to get a little feedback and when one of the sites that I am a mahoosive fan of, notes you (or, in this case The Sodshow) in their top 10 Brilliant Shows; well that’s just a little extra special.

In amongst some pretty amazing other names, some of which I have guested on, the full brilliant podcasts article is more than well worth a read.

Here’s what Win had to say.

3. The Sod Show

Hosted by horticulturist Peter Donegan, the SodShow Garden podcast host interviews several personalities across the industry. The 30-minute interactive episodes are very informative for tips and tricks on garden design. You will also find the podcast entertaining and moving.

Recommended Episode: ā€œLive, Salt Lake City: Fritz Kollmann, Red Butte Garden. Thyme and Placeā€

You can follow the Land8 crew in the following ways, something I’d very much recommend.

You can subscribe to The Sodshow in iTunes or Spotify (and all good podcast stores) and get it first there or, just listen to the episode Win recommended below. Thanks Win, and you for listening. Xx

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