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Garden Podcast: Matt Candeias, In Defense of Plants


On This episode of The Garden Podcast:

Matt Candeias is a botanist and the host of The In Defense of Plants podcast. On todays episode of The Sodshow, Peter Donegan gets to turn the tables as Matt becomes the guest rather than the host. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

That in mind, I was a guest on Matt’s podcast some weeks ago and you can go and listen to that here 

Raised in the forests of northeastern North America and is obsessed with botany. When he’s not reading, writing, or talking about plants, he is hiking and photographing them or trying to grow them. His favourite plants are orchids and the carnivores but there’s not really a plant he does not like.

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Matt started the In Defens of Plants podcast because he felt that plants needed a voice that wasn’t hokey or based in folk lore. He says “Plants are incredible organisms with an evolutionary history all their own. What’s more, they form the foundation for life as we know it. Every week I sit down for a chat with experts and plant enthusiasts alike. We discuss everything from conservation, to pollination, and even how to grow them. In Defense of Plants is my attempt at curing plant blindness around the globe.”

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