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The Sodshow Live, Dublin Castle: Space Engagers, Sara Venn, Bloom Fringe 2017. The Church Bar, Dublin


On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

Peter Donegan hosts The Sodshow Live from Dublin Castle, as part of Bloom Fringe 2017.

Thoughts or comments ? @sodshow on twitter or facebook The Sodshow. And If you have a minute, you might leave a rate and review in iTunes. This series from Bloom Fringe 2017 is with very much thanks to The Church Bar and Restaurant Dublin – thanks lads.

The voices you will hear are:

Philip Crowe, CEO and Co-Founder Space Engagers.

Originally from Belfast, Philip’s background is in architecture, urban planning, urban resilience and carbon management.

Space Engagers is a social enterprise founded in 2016, emerging from research on the EU TURAS project in UCD which explored what urban resilience, or how cities can adapt to change, means in practiceTheir research concluded that to address local social and environmental issues effectively we need the whole community to get involved, we need better data at the local scale, and we need new ways of doing things. 

Sara Venn, Incredible Edible Bristol

Sara Venn is a former guest of The Sodshow – an episode more than worth going back and taking a listen to. On this occasion however Sara talks in depth about making change, how Incredible Bristol began and more the change for the better that it has had on not only the spaces there, but also the people who interact with them.

Q and A

This session with Philip and Sara is followed by a Q and A session with our guests from the first Sodshow Live show from Dublin Castle, another episode more than well worth a listen and you can find that and the entire back catalogue in iTunes, all good podcast stores and


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