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Peter Donegan chats with Dr Paul Twigg, Professor at the University of Nebraska Kearney, Live from Salt Lake City Utah.

Paul was born and raised in western Pennsylvania. He developed a love of plants because of a Venus fly trap, his grandmother’s gladiolus patch and his grandfather’s garden. He has a a Ph.D. in Botany and has worked at the University of Nebraska at Kearney where he says, his greatest accomplishment is his students.

In addition to his teaching, Paul conducts research on plants useful as food crops and in the biofuel industry, plant relationships with soil microbes, to name but a few and also has an interest in scientific communication or translating science into everyday terms. He currently lives in central Nebraska with his wife of 23 years, 5 cats, 2 Jacob sheep, and 2 miniature donkeys.

Peter talks to Paul about how he grew up and into the world of biology and plants, how he originally wanted to become a chemist, his work at the University of Nebraska where he teaches and has over 25 years mentored 160 undergraduate projects and 40 graduate projects.

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With Prof Paul Twigg, Molecular Biology at @unkearney – in Chelsea.

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Live from Salt Lake City Utah, brought to you by Thyme and Place, this is from the second night of The Sodshow Live. Peter Donegan was there for a little over one week were 6 guests in total, over 2 nights either side of St Patricks Day 2017 were interviewed in front of a live audience.

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