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Garden Podcast: Christopher Woodward, London Garden Museum, Director


On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

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Peter Donegan chats with Christopher Woodward, Director of The Garden Museum, London.

From Christopher’s background, the history of the museum building and how it was set to be turned into a car park to atrracting garden designer Dan Pearson to design the courtyard area, the 1000 plus pieces of a somewhat changing collection featuring Charlie Dimmock, a cucumber straightener and how there is literally something there for all ages.

Peter also chats with Press and Marketing Officer Nicola Price and Emma House Curator.

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I almost forgot, there’s also a 131 step journey to what are amazing views over Westminister  – not for the faint hearted or those who may get in any way week at the knees – but, in hindsight, worth every single one.

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