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Garden Podcast: Ballycommane House and Gardens, West Cork Garden Trail


On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

Peter Donegan, Ingolf Jungmann, ballycommane house and gardens

Peter Donegan chats with Ballycommane House and Gardens owners Ingolf Jungmann and Andy Stieglitz.

With very special thanks to Bev and Miriam of West Cork Garden Trail this was a little bit of a treat.

Set on a landscape of about 4 acres, Andy and Ingolf  hold around 1000 exotic native shrubs and trees chosen from literally the world over. In context, they include subtropical palms, bananas, tea trees, tree ferns and myrtles. They further specialise in growing their own collections from the southern hemisphere (Gondwana flora) and the Azores.

Andy Stieglitz, ballycommane, garden podcast

But Ballycommane is a little more than that. It is the owners, the out buildings, the homemade cakes and fine coffee and the attention and detail given to the landscape that surrounds it. And, I not only visited there when invited by West Cork Garden Trail, but I some months later then returned to visit with my good friends Anthony and Darren when I went camping with them.

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