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On This Weeks Garden Podcast:

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Peter Donegan chats with Marybeth Janerich (pictured above on Peter’s left), of Wasatch Community Gardens, Live from Salt Lake City Utah.

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Marybeth Janerich is the Wasatch Community Gardens, Community Education Programme Director.

Wasatch offer gardening spaces, education and community programmes and events working in the community through a variety of youth, education and school garden programmes. The reality is they go a stage further than that. Managed and run by the finest of the fine their programmes run a little deeper in some cases into community issues whilst at the same time keeping horticulture and growing as the bit that makes it all come together.

Live from Salt Lake City Utah, brought to you by Thyme and Place, this is the first show from the second night of The Sodshow Live. Peter Donegan was there for a little over one week were 6 guests in total, over 2 nights either side of St Patricks Day 2017 were interviewed in front of a live audience.

That story is most probably better told by The Salt Lake Tribune and you can see the story in Pictures here – The Sodshow, Salt Lake City

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The Sodshow Live Team:

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  • Rusted Reel – night 1
  • Homo Leviticus – night 2

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