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Zenaida Sengo, The Sodshow Live, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Thyme and Place


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Peter Donegan chats with Zenaida Sengo, Live from Salt Lake City Utah.

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Live from Salt Lake City Utah, brought to you by Thyme and Place, this is the first show from the first night of The Sodshow Live. Peter Donegan was there for a little over one week were 6 guests in total, over 2 nights either side of St Patricks Day 2017 were interviewed in front of a live audience.

Zenaida Sengo quite literally wrote the book on Airplants. A designer, horticulturist and artist in the western US. She’s worked with plants, interiors, landscape and floral design in California since 2001, specialising in drought-tolerant minimal landscapes and unique floral artistry. Zenaida is a specialist in epiphytes and authored Air Plants – The Curious World of Tillandsias. In this richly photographed book one can learn vast amounts about both caring for and designing with Tillandsias.

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  • Rusted Reel – night 1
  • Homo Leviticus – night 2

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