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Friday 14 April 2017: Temple Street Childrens Hospital Coffee Morning


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I can’t speak highly enough of the lovely docs and the crew at Temple Street Childrens Hospital. Which sounds a little funny because I rarely speak if at all about my time and reasons for. To be fair, you probably don’t need an etch-a-sketch to do the maths. And far better, in my head at least, is doing something for the greater.

To that and this year, Peter Donegan (that’s me), Sean Conville (you may know him better from Two Spots Coffee and Kevin will do the half marathon on Inis Mor, again. In context, I’ll have done 7 years, Sean 3 and Kev 2. It’s not bad considering we don’t do any training, ever.

For you who may not be aware of Inis Mór, the island where it takes place… It’s an island off the west coast of Ireland. And that is much better told to you by Cyril O’Flaithearta who I met at Óstán Oileáin Árann, which translates from Irish to English as, The Aran Islands Hotel.

You can catch it in iTunes later if you wish.

To the point and my Tom Seleck manliness (coughs loudly) firmly to one side, we have a coffee morning taking place in my home town of Ballyboughal this Friday 14th April.

And though I understand you may not be able to attend that due to geographic regions and also that trains don’t float across the Irish sea – I do have a sponsorless podcast, the body of an absolute God (coughs louder); that I can cover up with a t-shirt that has your company name on it – and I’m due to record an episode of the show from there. In short – I’d like some of your hard-earned cash to give to lovely people who wanna do good things with it.

If you wanna get a something in exchange for your spondulas donated – drop me a line.
In advance, thank you so much for being beautiful.

Mahooosive X

The Temple Street coffee morning:

  • When: Good Friday, 14th April 2017
  • Time: 10.30 am – 2pm
  • Where: St Patricks Hall, Ballyboughal
  • More info: Temple Street Half Marathon

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