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Garden Podcast: Philip Turvil, Programme Manager, Grow Wild UK


On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

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Peter Donegan chats with Philip Turvil, Grow Wild UK, Programme Manager based at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

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This isn’t Philip’s first time on The Sodshow garden podcast; and fair to suggest that when he was last on the discussion was very much about his back story, his career in horticulture to date and his evolution up to taking on the position he now holds; that is, Grow Wild UK, Programme Manager.

More than anything Philip is a gentleman who I hold in very high regard and I feel it fair to suggest that he is as enthusiastic in my mind, as I would have been aged five or six. What’s funny is that sometimes I feel like a child in grown-ups trousers – of horticulture that is. In that, that enthusiasm has never ever diminished in any way whatsoever. And to meet someone who without even trying, albeit with a very different career path, has a very similar set of (photosynthetic) values – is pretty awe inspiring.

What I personally found fascinating, was that he also gets to close his eyes, to imagine what if – and –  to see it become a reality. And that ladies and gentlemen is the coolest job in the whole wide world.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Philip Turvil.

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