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sodshow, salt lake city

Friday 17 March 2017: Peter Donegan on 90.9 KRCL Radio, Salt Lake City


sodshow, salt lake city

image: Nick Sokoloff/ Thyme and Place

March 17th 2017 St Patricks Day, I was back on KRCL 90.9 with Lara Jones and The Punk Rock Farmer (and absolute gentleman) Aldine. I was there of course to do The Sodshow Live Show for Thyme and Place. More on that later……

The entire Radio Active show is superb as always, but the unique intro bestowed upon me aside ; you can scroll straight to 16:45 on the clock to hear my chatterings, should you be stuck for time.

What you may not be aware is that I was due to sit for dinner at a private function with first female President of Ireland Mary Robinson – and – with both the radio show and evening soiree kicking off at exactly the same time, 6pm Salt Lake City time. Promises made, I got to The Alta Club just as the drinks function made its way into the dining area.

To Al and Lara, Radio Active hosts – and also to Nick and Melinda, thank you.
And to you the beautiful people of Salt Lake City, you are the gem that made me smile the entire time I was there.

Much X

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