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Garden Podcast: Jonathan Ward, Garden Photographer, Ginger Horticulture


On This Weeks Garden Podcast:

jonathan ward, ginger hort, garden podcast

Garden photographer Jonathan Ward chats with Sodshow garden podcast host Peter Donegan.

The first ever garden photographer on The Sodshow, you may assume it would be as simple as it sounds. But and maybe as is always the case, this story is just that slight bit different.

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From rose pruning and the influence from elders at a younger age, to management at a very high level and a stint at Myerscough College to some of the biggest landscaping projects one might not have considered, Jonathan’s now title in mind. We delve sideways into the business that was landscaping and where and why it may not have gone according to plan for Jonathan. To just how and why one, within the UK horticulture industry ends up remaining slightly cleaner, still within that industry, travelling the world and doing (or maybe more to the point) viewing what it is you still love so very much.

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