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Garden Podcast: Brian Granahan, St Patricks BNS, Skibereen, Cork


On This Weeks Garden Podcast:

Brian Garnahan, peter donegan

Peter Donegan chats with Brian Granahan, a school teacher at St Patricks Boys National School based in Skibereen in Cork.

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Whilst Peter and The Sodshow Live Show is off in the United States doing the live show, this is as close as one could get to St Patrick and Ireland, being the day that’s in it and it is a fantastic story to hear.

Brian has set up what some may call a school garden but this one has a difference. It includes a sensory garden, a school garden and a geodesic dome which operates the entire way round the calender, eductaion (so to speak) and school closing and opening times aside. They also do a lot more than that and with a difference.

The fact that they also grow tea, an entire bed of carnivorous plants and rice whilst watching hand polinated sweetcorn growing and a trialing of banana and pineapple plants.

This is literally a school garden with a difference.

West Cork Garden Trail:

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