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Jane Perrone: Top 5 Garden Podcasts


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3 March 2017, Jane Perrone Gardening Editor with The Guardian, author of The Allotment Keepers Handbook and host of On The Ledge podcast did a Top 5 of Gardening Podcasts.

read the original article here: Jane Perrone, Top 5 Gardening Podcasts

Of The Sodshow was noted:

1. The Sod Show 

Peter Donegan must work bloody hard – he manages to work full time as a garden designer, and put out a weekly podcast of the finest calibre.

The Sod Show isn’t a practical gardening show – you won’t find out how to prune your plums. I have a theory that Peter’s thing is origin stories. Every week there’s a guest with some kind of horticultural back story, and Peter draws out their tale of their first childhood experiences growing tomato plants or whatever.

It’s like sitting in a bar with someone you’ve just met, shooting the breeze over your beverage of choice (in Peter’s case, probably a Guinness as he’s Irish). You’ll learn something, you’ll laugh, you’ll be occasionally be baffled, but you’ll definitely want to keep listening.

Credit where it’s due, I do work bloody hard. And she’d be spot on about the Guinness.

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