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The Sodshow: Melinda Meservy, Thyme and Place, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


On This Episode of the garden podcast:

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Peter Donegan chats with Melinda Meservy of Thyme and Place, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

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Formerly a business and data analysis expert who rarely saw home and lived from pretty much all over the world, 3 months ago Melinda opened the doors to her new business Thyme and Place, a garden shop based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A bit of a change you say ? You’d be very correct in that assumption. And we get right into that and so much more, from a personal side of things.

To the business, that’s also a little bit different, but in a good way. The pots Thyme and Place sell come from Kew Gardens, there’s a boutique element to the store, their opening hours are from about 11am – but they run evening classes, workshops and courses. But then the climate is not that of Ireland or London.

melinda meservy, thyme and place, salt lake city, sodshow garden podcast

More than that ? Melinda is for the week of St Patricks Day 2017, bringing The Sodshow to Salt Lake City to do The Sodshow Live Show. Wanna find out more on that (?), drop by the store or send Melinda a note and she’ll pass you on all the details.

And if you are about St Patricks Day – make sure and get in touch. Xx

Tickets and Details just ask Melinda.


And also:

  • My thanks to Chris and Chrissy at the very fantastic I Am Salt Lake Podcast. Love, love love your show.

sodshow, irish examiner, salt lake city, thyme and place
sodshow, thyme and place, salt lake city, 2017

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