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Garden Podcast: Annie Dellbridge, Head Gardener, Fullers Mill Garden


Annie Dellbridge, Part 1:

Part 2, Annie Dellbridge:

On This Episode of the garden podcast:

annie delbridge, fullers mill garden team

Pictured above (4th from left), Annie Dellbridge and the Fullers Mill garden team.

On this weeks garden podcast Peter Donegan chats with Annie Dellbridge, Head Gardener at Fullers Mill Garden.

Released in two parts, this is the very amazing and very beautiful story of Head Gardener Annie Dellbridge, how she got to Fullers Mill Garden her journey there and also a little of who she is both in and outside of work.

More than that it is also the story of Fullers Mill, how it became a garden to visit, it’s ownership now under that of Perennial Gardeners Royal Benevolent Society, the volunteers that work there, how that operates and why and how it is on par with some of the best gardens the UK has that you may visit.

More than that again ? It is a story about people, their kindness and generosity and the more often very wonderful world we know as horticultural and the very many smiles that it can bring.

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