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Garden Podcast: Lee Connelly, Skinny Jean Gardeners, 2016


On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

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On this weeks garden podcast Peter Donegan chats with Lee Connelly of The Skinny Jean Gardeners.

Currently working with Blue Peter (bbc tv) and Jimmy Doherty (channel 4), they have also worked as part of the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution, designed a garden for the Gardening World Cup, Japan ; and from music festivals to BBC Gardeners World Live (alongside such names as Alan Titschmarsh) – Lee Connolly alongside his brother Dale, have litterally been there and done it all – all, in the space of just 4 years.

Not trained in horticulture and an electrician by trade, Dale works in marketing; and this journey started solely so they could spend more time with each other.

It was an absolute honour to chat with Lee to gain an insight into one half of the duo that only ever has made me smile – that in itself, is something alone that is more than deserved of standing applause – Infectiously, happy, wonderfully beautiful and one very fine gentleman. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Lee Connelly of The Skinny Jean Gardeners.

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