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Garden Podcast: meet Sara Venn, Incredible Edible Bristol

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On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

sara venn, incredible edible bristol

On this weeks garden podcast Peter Donegan chats with Sara Venn of Incredible Edible Bristol.

A horticulturist by trade Sara studied first studied fine art and somehow or other fell into catering. Having realised she wasn’t working where she wanted to be she took a job in a local nursery and then completed a masters in garden history and conservation.

On todays show we chat the next generation of horticulturists and garden lovers, Sara’s work with the younger folk on that journey, the garden media and it’s role in that, what and how one should support the new generation of garden media and just what the future holds for the horticultural industry and those involved in it. We also chat about Incredible Edible and Bristol, just how Sara managed to get involved in that, the amazing work that they do and just how and what that means to a(ny)community that might decide to set one up – and – how one goes about doing that.

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update: 16 Dec 2016:

in less than 24 hours, Sara’s interview hit number 1 in iTunes. beautiful. X

sara venn, itunes

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