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In 2016 there were some events which were marked by The Sodshow garden podcast and radio show. Some, had a bit of financial backing, but for the greater part this was far from the case. The hope with your help is that these are made possible again in 2017 or might just tickle your imagination.

Whilst taking a scroll through, you may see something that takes your fancy, or you may very well know the person who may very well be the one we and I should holds hands with.

Very much X. And as always, thank you.

Temple Street Childrens Hospital Half Marathon:

Taking place on Inis Mór, Aran Islands – famed to some for it’s relationship to Fr Ted – This is something I’ve done for the last 6 years. All proceeds to Temple Street but, your name wherever you want it and a show or so and the images of me (face for radio) wearing your logo emblazoned attire.

Amount to be raised is euro 650, which might sound a bit costly, but you’ll feel pretty damn good about it. Takes place April each year. You can of course come too. 🙂

Chelsea Flower Show:

RHS chelsea, 2016, peter donegan (106)

14 episodes in total were recorded over the course of 3 days at RHS Chelsea flower, around 9 at Hampton and though I wanted my funds very simply could not get me to Tatton. Pictured above, Peter Donegan alongside Philip Johnson at the 5000 poppies installation – This episode submitted for the Garden Media Guild awards 2016.

Flights, accomodation, meals and what not do add up (see Sunday Business Post article below) and assuming they are covered, then I guess we are half way there. Again, your logo and name on the microphone spoff, very much noted throughout the show, on the clothing and what not as you see fit.

The Sodshow Live:

ron finley, peter donegan, garden podcast, bloom fringe

The Sodshow Live took place in 2015 and 2016 from Powerscourt Townhouse Centre (a boutique shopping store), Dublin and as part of Bloom Fringe live from Dublin Castle, with a guest list that included on both days LA’s gangster gardener Ron Finley.

There have been suggestions of the plural that it is set to take place from the UK in 2017, though nothing signed in ink as yet.

West Cork Garden Trail

glenview gardens, west cork garden trail (22)

In 2016 over 3 days some 14 gardens were visited and 12 interviews recorded. Costs logically go a little like Chelsea include transport, accomodation etc. This interview with Brigitte of Bantry House a real gem.

Since airing and though not as solid as the Live Show, there have been some suggestions that something similar may happen in the UK.

The Sodshow Coffee Mug:

sodshow garden podcast, coffee mug

Limited edited. Not for sale. Not for Like, share and win competition either. Brew on it…..

The Sodshow Official T-Shirt:

sodshow official thsirts

Unlike the mugs, The official Sodshow T-shirt is as such sponsor-less and just about not for profit. That said they are seriously high quality American Apparel and pretty damn cool.


RHS chelsea, 2016, peter donegan (98)

Maybe you’d like to support The Sodshow for an episode or three, an entire season or – in some way or other that I very simply have never even thought of.

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