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On This Episode of the Garden Podcast:

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On this episode of The Sodshow, Peter Donegan talks to editor, author, photographer, nurseryman, and Norwegian gardener Tommy Tønsberg.

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On this episode we delve back into how it all started, operating a horticultural business when there is snow and minus 30 celcius for 5 months of the year and just how Tommy started his own garden magazine. We also chat about the nursery that operates on just 500 sq metres, his 40 plus garden talks a year and just how Peter is set to become more popular than David Hasselhoff, in Norway only.

Tommys passion for gardening was developed while gardening with grandparents and further spurred on when he started working in a garden centre at the age of 13. Tommy worked for 13 years with the Norwegian Horticultural Society (most of them) as Editor in Chief of their magazine. Two years ago Tommy alongside partner Kenneth started his own magazine, Hagedrøm. Summers are spent propagating plants in their nursery and opening the garden to the public. Winters are spent trying to stay warm and make plans for next gardening season.

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Tommy is due to give his first (very highly recommended) UK garden talk October 29th 2016 at Fullers Mill Garden.

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