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The Sodshow Garden Podcast Intro Voice – Qamir Hussain


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It’s never a bad thing to freshen things up a little. And 5 years of the same intro jingle later, was about the right time to change just that.

I was having a few guinness with Adrian (Aido) one Friday – he who chose the jingle some weeks before – there with us was Qamir, affectionately as Q. I’ll let him tell the story. It’s at the intro to this interview with the also legendary Rob Hardy…..

You might not have known that Q is not a “pro-fessional V.O. artisté”, by profession; but, as much as I love very high quality, that’s not how this garden podcast has ever rolled, as you probably already know from reading The Sodshow About page.

I love that we, built this city on rock and roll  garden podcast. Me and you and friends. It is (y)ours. And no amount of money can buy that kind of loving. Aerosmith.

Thank you. Huge X

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