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Garden Media Guild Awards 2016, The Sodshow Garden Podcast


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It’s a funny one, in my head, when I read the About Page of The Sodshow and of more recent that this garden podcast’s intro voice was chosen over a pint(s) of Guinness – and then, read the following below.

Garden Media Guild Awards 2016:

  • Award Category: Broadcasting & Multimedia:   Radio Broadcast of the Year
  • Entry Nomination:  Peter Donegan for The Sodshow Garden Podcast

It’s not that I don’t take this thing we do seriously; I do, and very much so. And to their credit, albeit in our spare time, everyone involved behind the scenes knows the very high standard we, work extremely hard to achieve.

But I can’t change what was the selection process for the new voice – though I could have PR’d up the story to make it sound more ‘professional’, maybe – and I’ve never ever told you a porkie pie.

What was submitted ?

This is the entire story in 1 under minute. The full show and interview is below.

From RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016, This is the full interview submitted. It is with garden designer Phillip Johnson and 5000 Poppies. Peter aside, the interview in full is pretty special.

To the stories credit, it never ceases to bring a tear to my eye. Is that a little crazy ? And I’m unsure if there was another that I could have put in its place.

On a separate note, The Garden Media Guild of which I am now officially a member, consists of only the very best of the best and personally, I don’t think The Sodshow will get near the cloakroom, never mind the podium.

That in mind, last years entrants to the category were 5 from The BBC and the category winners, The Guardians gardening podcast by (former guest of The Sodshow) Jane Perrone.

Whatever way the wind blows, I would like you to know that you, made this happen. For it was your listening that got Currency Fair to (they sponsored The Sodshow at that time) sponsor this garden podcast which paid for the membership to the Garden Media Guild, which allowed the show to be entered. And that alone is pretty darned amazing when you think about it. The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – iTunes, all good podcast stores and Thank you very much X Peter

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