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CurrencyFair: Proud Sponsors to The Sodshow


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You’ll probably notice that there has been a few minor changes to The Sodshow. The biggest of very recent being that this little garden podcast now has a main sponsor.

You may even have noticed that if you click that image above that says CurrencyFair that it’ll bring you to their site. It’s crazy the things you can do with computers these days. 😉

What does that mean for you listening ?

(and thank you for doing so btw, it means a lot.) Not much at all really except for you’ll see their logo here and there and I’ll mention them in show of course.

How Important is Currency Fair to The Sodshow ?

hugely. Things cost money. We both understand that. I want to keep the show at a standard and be it a new microphone or a trip to somewhere, it add ups. As of now it means I can make the GMG awards and buy the new mic, instead of waiting til December 25th.

Is there anything you can do ? Oh Gawd yeah ! We’re both smart enough to realise that they run a business. I don’t think for one minute that any sponsor just sends on the cheques for the craic – let’s be frank about it. But if you can, and only if you can:

  • maybe say hi on the twitter – which’d be kinda nice of you anyway
  • if you are buying something in the UK – from Ireland or vice versa, set up an account with them and save yourself a few bob.
  • And then with the spare cash – you can buy me a pint. or two.

Going forward: On a serious note, there have been a few changes for this garden podcast, over the last few weeks in particular; which I hope are for the better. And the new t-shirts and jingle aside (I hope, you like them ?); I guess I’m trying to look to the future (2017) and get a few bob together so that I can make this garden podcast a better place for you listening. And I can only do that I guess (?) by what I record and what you and we hear as a result of that. 

If I’m really honest, I kind of like how CurrencyFair do their thing. They’re a good fit. They are good guys. And thank you, you for listening and for welcoming and supporting the new sponsors.

As always, much X

The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – 4pm in iTunes and all good podcast stores. 

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