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Garden Podcast: meet David Tanner of Glenview Gardens, The Sodshow

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On This Weeks Garden Podcast:

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The Sodshow Garden Podcast by CurrencyFair.comFridays in iTunes and all good podcast stores. 

On todays show Peter Donegan chats with David Tanner of Glenview Gardens.

David alongside wife Mary started this garden 10 years ago. Ten ! Which is amazing considering how mature it actually looks. What beats that however is that David is not of a horticultural background, he was formerly in haulage and then took to driving a school bus. And this now, by his own words is more than just a gardening addiction.

The gardens are stunning. Immaculately maintained and yet open pretty much the full year round. And when the visitors leave ? Mary and David then, just the two of them, start to looking after the maintenance. Isn’t that just beautiful. And what a story……

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Huge thanks to Miriam and Bev of West Cork Garden Trail for making this interview possible. And also to David and Mary for the beautiful cake and for making me smile. Thank you.

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