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Workwear aside, I have about 2 t-shirts that I reach to the back of the wardrobe for every morning. I have them absolute eons but, they are really cool great fitting tees and I don’t entirely know why I love them, but I do.

To now and you, I could have got some tees for 3 euro, printed a name on it and sold them at a decent profit – but that’s not how The Sodshow operates. The down and upsides of that are:

  • they’re a little more expensive
  • but they are really good quality
  • The Sodshow doesn’t make any money on these, but….
  • you’ll own a superb t-shirt that you will absolutely adore
  • and should there, be any hassles Two Ton Murphy will be right by your side

My thanks to Adrian, Peter at Two Ton Murphy and Luke Donegan (no relation) for their help and as always for being there. My thanks also to you for being a legend.

Huge X

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