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The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – 4pm in iTunes and all good podcast stores. 

On todays show Peter Donegan chats with Michael Perry, New Product Development Manager with Thompson and Morgan, the largest mail order plant company.

Michaels may be better known to some for his appearances on QVC Shopping Channel, but his career started something very, very differently indeed and is one that he very much has made and created his own path.

On todays garden podcast we chat Michaels (age 6) miniature mail order herb company and selling plants at the end of his driveway, a first job with Thompson and Morgan – that began by winning a competition where he designed a garden for them (age just 18); where I should add, after just 6 months one of his more seniors left his post and Michael stepped up a notch. Impressive ? Very Impressive.

There’s a little more to than that and of course we rove entirely off the point, as only Peter could do.

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