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Garden Podcast: Anna Platoni, Royal Horticultural Society, Entomologist, RHS Hampton


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On todays show Peter Donegan chats with Anna Platoni. Anna is an entomologist with The Royal Horticultural Society and we met up for a chat at the butterfly dome installation at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2016.

Anna studies insects and normally works on garden pests and garden wildlife but on this occasion was one of the brains behind the butterfly dome at Hampton Court Palace. From Anna’s childhood and an at that age interest in insects, her studies of zoology and working at the butterfly house whilst there to today and her work with The RHS.

We delve into just how the butterfly dome was put together, how it was pieced together to what you can do to attract butterflies into your garden. Of course we also go entirely somewhat off the point and as per usual come all the way back around.

The butterfly dome at #RHSHampton – Entomologist w @the_rhs Anna Platoni who worked on this, upcoming on the show

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Our thanks to Ben Brace for his hospitality and making Peter’s journey to Hampton Court possible and also to The RHS for being brilliant. Thank you, so very much.

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