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On This Weeks Sodshow Extra Garden Podcast:

The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – live 3pm – 4pm in iTunes and all good podcast stores. 

On this Sodshow extra mini series – part 2 of 3, Peter Donegan chats with Rodney Keogh of Bosch Lawn and Garden, in the company of Peters good friend and neighbour Phil Murtagh.

Today we talk about some recent new and new to me products to the market, namely:

  • Bosch power washer AQT 42-13
  • Bosch electric strimmer: Bosch AFS 23-37
  • Bosch iseo
  • Bosch keo

of note: no money, products, cake, free tshirts, paper aeroplanes or yachts exchanged hands for the making of this podcast. Though personally that’s probably not the worst thing that could happen considering this podcast has only ever cost us money.

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Bosch strimmer. Bosch AFS 23-37

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