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An Update: This Garden Podcast. And Your Hugs.


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It’s unusual to be typing this. It’s not unusual (Tom Jones, great choon), but it is. We being of audio an’ all that.

But, we’ve been doing this garden podcast for a little over 5 years now. I’ll grant you, the first 2 plus years were trying to get it off the ground, make it a regular fixture and get it to work. And it wasn’t really until year 3 that we really figured out the format that worked best for us and as a show, for you to listen to. Worth noting also, we still have full-time jobs. This garden podcast isn’t that.

In fact it has never paid us a penny. Money however was never the objective.

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“Some people play golf….”, I tell my mates; this fella chose to talk about horticulture. And honestly, we never thought the damn thing would become anything. We never expected it to. Not that we don’t have ambition – it’s more that there is no other full-time garden radio show in Ireland and only really one stalwart (no offence to the others) in the UK.

To clarify that, there are segments within shows and there are the usual seasonal slots that hit the airwaves (none show named under their own name) and that, is about the height of it. And I guess it’s a little like being a part of the English Football Association, in 1863.

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In hindsight, I had an option to say that they (somebody with responsibility for horticulture) “they, should do something about this….”. I on the other-hand; I won’t say I’m impatient (?), more you have to make it a go of it yourself. And into the tail end of the iPhone for 5 mins, every Friday in my back garden is how this all started.

And in my head and in my heart, I really wanted to make a change. To make a difference. To change how horticulture was viewed – Not in a Sex Pistols / Richard Branson down The Thames type of a way in if you get me, but for all the right reasons. With pride. And passion. And also to give the little guy – the one who would never usually get the mainstream – a shot on air.

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The gas thing, in the early days, the little guy used to turn down interviews with us. And I’d be thinking, “who the fork do you think you are ?”. And s/he would ask me back the very same thing. Fair point and two ché.

And so it has come on a bit. We have evolved. We’ve grown up. We’ve come of age. We have some hairs on our chest(s), so to speak. Though that may be of the singular. And we and I still feel the same. And you know – you just know – when you get a great one. And when I listen back to the 5000 poppies RHS Chelsea story and tears come to my eyes….. you can’t turn back. You just can’t.

But we also can’t do the same thing year in year out. It needs a few volts now and again, of the horticultural type. A shake up. A cluster of people screaming when they saw The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, if you will. And the adults and the grown ups asking why, why is Mary in love with that man called Paul in the moving picture.

And yet this is gardening. This is horticulture. And though we may say otherwise, that we would embrace change and welcome a new ambassador for horticulture; for all of the right reasons one has to query if we collectively really have. Bearing in mind as I say that, horticulture is all I have done since I was 5 years of age.

The stats and the reports come out of gardening and (separately) podcasting. Things are on the up, it seems. The podcasting reports, usually written by people in podcasting with something to sell, all tell me similar. But still the hug feels like you just hugged your ex. Not in a bad way. You still fancy her pants off. But she has your Dylan vinyls, still. She didn’t bring them with her. She promised she would. It was Highway 69 Revisited, in case you may be wondering.

Where To From Here ?

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I don’t know. I don’t honestly know. There’s been some (print) media on us of recent. Conor Brophy’s article really did hit the nail bang on the head. See below. And though we wish things were different. We liked that one. I guess it read(s) real. Maybe this in present tense will put things in context. I’m trying to book Hampton, at this very moment. Trying. Flights and hotels and a packet of batteries tend to add up. Throw in Chelsea, Waterford last year, there’s an invite to Cork and I’d like to see Tatton.

And I know. I’ve a funny way about doing things that are my spare time. And I know I’m not a Jerry Maguire type sponsorship agent. I studied horticulture. And I’ll I have ever done is make gardens.

And sure, maybe this thing we started will only ever be nothing more than “categorise under hobby”. But there’s also no such thing as can’t, in my vocabulary anyway. And I’m forked,  if you’ll pardon my language, if I’m gonna turn around in 20 years times and wonder why I didn’t at least try. Or harder. Or at all.

So here’s the big ask:

  1. you may know someone who likes gardening and doesn’t know The Sodshow
    – let ’em know. please.
  2. in iTunes – pop in a rate review. Our mate Andrew says so that it helps. And he’s a very nice guy.
  3. There is a case for an equivolent – or/ of – money, dollars, spondulas or sponsorship.
  4. I’ll go there now shall I ?

Because, if I don’t ask or type this. I may never get to this or the next Hampton. And then I may have wished that I had typed this. And nobody, least of all me likes asking for anything. But here. Here, there maybe a barter worthwhile. Fingers crossed.

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option 1: There are costs that get us to for example, Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. We don’t necessarily need your money. We just need to get on a plane and to sleep. Like going on holidays with your folks. If you get me. Of course we’d have to thank you on air – and – wear your logo emblazoned T-shirt for the photos etc.

option 2: you want to sponsor the show, the podcast, the tea cosy etc. You’ll probably need to pick up the phone. There is a radio station in the middle of that one. But it’s all very easily achieved.

option 3: I’m not sure there is an option 3. But we’re open to suggestions. I’ll even throw in a free hug. And a pint.

In the meantime, thank you. Thank you so very much. For listening. For the RT. The likes. The love. The virtual hugs and for letting us know that you enjoyed something we so very dearly love and loved doing.

Without you, it would be just two people talking. And that though that’s not a bad thing either; journeys are so much better when their stories are shared.

Let’s see where we go from here. It’s all good. X

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