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The Sodshow Garden Podcast, Live. Bloom Fringe 2016


June Bank Holiday weekend 2015, The Sodshow Garden Podcast went live on stage at the very magnificient Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, Dublin City as just one part of the Bloom Fringe festival.

This June Bank Holiday weekend 2016….. we’re back, live. But this time it’s a little bit different.

2 venues over 2 days. Friday evening June 3rd and Saturday morning/ afternoon June 4th 2016.

Dublin Castle – Fri 3 June 2016:

  • Just after the Ron Finley film debuts
  • A panel type discussion with Ron Finley, Fergus McGarvey and  Ali Grehan.
  • Time length: 2 Sodshow garden podcast episodes – post film and a 10 minute interval.
  • Peter Donegan as MC alongside the very talented Brian Greene.
  • Tickets here: Bloom fringe 2016 via Eventbrite

Ron who ?

Powerscourt Townhouse Centre – Sat 10am, 4 June 2016:

  • A little like last year. Live on stage. With very special guests.

They are as follows:

    • Ron Finleysee above. also legend.  
    • Ed Hick – foraging and eating the spoils
    • Beth Murphy – Irish basket maker
      Tim Johnson (Catalonia), Jette Mellgren and Jan Johansen – Danish weavers & land artists
      Róisín de Buitléar – curator
    • Tara Moloney – White Dove nurseries Limerick.
      Grow your own lunch and seedling nursery, Grower, florist & activist.

Bloom Fringe 2016… who  ?

Further details:

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