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The Sodshow. Andrew Mangan interviews Peter Donegan.


On This Weeks Garden Podcast:

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The Sodshow Garden Podcast and radio show airs every Friday live at 3pm on Dublin City FM and is available in iTunes and all good podcast stores just after the same day.

On this weeks show Peter Donegan is interviewed by radio and podcasting legend Andrew Mangan. It’s a long story short as to why Brian isn’t doing it, but we’ll leave that there for another day.

In 5 years as The Sodshow, Peter has never actually been interviewed and this changes I guess everything. And so, from where Peter’s folks are from, his many homes and now 15 years as Donegan Landscaping by the age of 24 to shamrocks on pints of guinness (something very rarely a suggested to an Irishman in Ireland), a horrible start to growing seeds at 5 years of age and playing guitar badly through horticultural college. Andrew pretty much clears it all up…….

This part 1. Part 2 to follow a bit later, not so much about Peter but more, an indepth look behind the scenes of The Sodshow and Peter’s relationship with the also very legendary Brian Greene.


Andrew Mangan is the brains behind the castaway media podcasting network, the host of the award winning 738am podcast and (also award winning) Arsenal podcast – Arsecast – which, has sold out live shows in both the UK and Ireland. He is also a professional voice over artist for over 25 years and is represented by The Lisa Richards agency. He and his studio based in South William Street Dublin are both available for hire and come higher than highly recommended – we have used both.   

More than that I am subscribed to both of his podcasts, see below, we are huge fans of his and to be very fair he is, an absolute gentleman. 


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