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The Sodshow meets Tim Entwisle, Director at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Australia – Part 2.


On This Weeks Garden Podcast:

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On this weeks garden radio show, Part 2 of 2 as Peter Donegan and Brian Greene continue their chat with Tim Entwisle, Director of Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Melbourne Australia.

We talk about Tim’s children and further attracting the next generation of “young people” into a subject (horticulture) that seems just fine when you’re a child or “older”; and the role Australia’s Botanic Gardens are trying to play in this, poor pay, education and the role of the media (new and mainstream) in attracting better people into the industry.

We also talk about the seed bank at Kew Gardens, just what Tim does to relax outside of horticulture and of course a little of the gardening world.

On a slightly lighter note, Peter chats also with good friend of The Sodshow, Sean Conville of Two Spots Coffee as we chat the skin off a coffee bean after roasting, formerly waste, now being used as bedding for Peters hens.  Which after ends up on the compost heap. Which after becomes compost. In which plants can grow. From plant to plant, in short. There is always a connection.

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