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The Sodshow meets Michael McEvoy and Elaine Brown of GIY International


On This Weeks Garden Podcast:

michael mcevoy, elaine browne

On this weeks garden podcast Brian Greene chats with Michael McEvoy and Elaine Brown, GIY International and GIY Ireland.

After returning from England to his hometown of Belfast, Michael decided to set up his own GIY group in part, to get himself a little more in touch with his community.Elaine on the other hand has a slightly nomadic (as Brian calls it) touch to her travels but is more in line with making GIY (Grow it Yourself) international.

With groups in Germany, Dorset, 40 thousand children and around 400 schools involved across the UK and Ireland and a remit – if you might call it that…. of growing, your own food….. this is literally a whirlwind of a conversation with 2 of the voices a little more behind the scenes, maybe, that might just encourage you to think that little bit differently doing something that can only make you smile. Love it.

The Sodshow garden podcast airs every live Friday at 3pm and can be found just after in iTunes and all good podcast stores.


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