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The Sodshow meets Hugh O’Hara and Chris Farrell of The Amber Springs and Ashdown Park Hotel


On This Weeks Garden Podcast:

Chris Farrell, Peter Donegan, Hugh OHara, Amber Springs Hotel, Ashdown Park Hotel

image above courtesy Liz at Pivotal PR.

On this weeks garden podcast Peter Donegan heads to Wexford to meet head grower Hugh O’Hara and chief buyer Chris Farrell of The Amber Springs and Ashdown Park Hotel.

Together they chat Hugh’s journey from horticultural college to head grower with the Redmond Hotel Group, to actually being able to provide all of the food grown crops required for 2 fully operational hotels 52 weeks of the year, his relationship with the chefs and the 22 acres of ground under his remit.

We also chat the processing of 3.5 tonnes per week of potatoes, the 700 head of Angus cattle, what does and does not work, what happens when you run out of cabbage, biodiversity and pest control in greenhouses and just what decides whether something stays on the menu or in reality is grown.

What an insight. Easy when you know how. Not to be missed.

The Sodshow garden podcast airs every live Friday at 3pm and can be found just after in iTunes and all good podcast stores.


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