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The Sodshow meets Mark Diacono of Otter Farm


On This Weeks Show:

On this weeks garden podcast Peter Donegan chats with Mark Diacono, formerly of television famed River Cottage Farm where he lead the garden team, the author of too many books to mention and of more recent now, the head of his very own Otter Farm.

From doing jobs that he never really enjoyed having left school early to how 15 years ago having never grown before, he planted some spuds to impress his now wife – to the old duffers who garden, how he hates celery, cottage cheese and the thoughts of a world where Van Morrison is better than Jim Morrison; and (not finally…..) on a serious note to the new kitchen garden farm, distilling and his new venture of Otter Farm.

One of the nicest guys we have ever had on the garden podcast, this one was a real genuine pleasure and again, if you don’t mind us patting ourselves on our back, this one is not to be missed.

Our thanks to the team at GIY Ireland for their help in setting this one up. Nice one lads. As always much X

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