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The Sodshow – Irish Hedgerows, Hedges, Maintenance and Bosch – Part 2


On This Week’s Show:

peter-donegan-hedgerow walk

On this weeks episode of The Sodshow garden podcast – we head are back with part 2 on hedgerows and hedge maintenance and Peter Donegan is chatting with neighbour, garden enthusiast and fellow hedgerow walker and maintainer Phil Murtagh.

The lads discuss the how why and just walk is required in maintaining your very typical and (in Peters case) extremely overgrown hedgerow. And they also verge into discussing the Bosch battery powered chainsaw and electric chipper. From it’s cost saving per hour per unit of electricity, as versus its petrol 2-stroke equivolent and to dealing with the green waste, compost and heating your home free gratis.

We also hear a little from Peter chatting with Michael Galvin on nettle eating whilst hedgerow walking.

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