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Plant Sale: Irish Garden Plant Society, 17 Oct 2015


This in from the lovely Sandra of The very wonderful Irish Garden Plant Society who sez:

Hello Peter,

I just wanted to let you know about the IGPS Annual Plant Sale, which is coming up on Saturday, 17th Oct from 12 noon – 2pm. I’ve attached a flyer with all the information. The sale runs every year in the TCD Botanic Garden in Dartry, and there are always lots of interesting and unusual (and heritage) plants to be found there. Lots of volunteers put in trojan work to make it happen (for the reward of a scone and a cuppa and the pick of the leftover plants). It’s always a lovely afternoon.

Thanks and best regards,

We get a cuppa for doing The Sodshow. We don’t get scones. Let the one-up-(wo)man-ship games begin. Higher than highly recommended. Happy people grow happier plants. 

more info:

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