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If you are aware of The Sodshow back story, you’ll be aware that we are pretty good mates with Mark Rock. He was when it started the brains behind (the now Audioboom) and one of the main reasons The pre-Sodshow actually started. That and Bernie Goldbach. And then Brian Greene. As previously noted.

Mark somewhere along the lines, in short, chose to walk a different type of stroll. And that, became Adio.

Adio Clips & Collections allow anyone to embrace the age of curation by mixing & sharing video & audio from the biggest online platforms.

Beautifully packaged and simply shareable, Adio Collections allow your passion & knowledge to be used to create rich media experiences and stories.

Further than this, simple sharing options and the ability to embed our unique Adio players on any site, make it easy to share the things you love with everyone.

Embed-able as an indidual as you can see above, it is also embedable as a very beautifully little packaged collection.

You can touch base with the Adio lads here:

Only the very best wishes. Very well done.

 bernie goldbach, peter donegan, mark rock

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