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The Sodshow: Hedges,  Hedgerows, Maintenance and Bosch – Part 1. Plus Mick Kelly of GIY Ireland and GrowFest.


On This Week’s Show:

brian greene, peter donegan

Pictured above Brian Greene and Peter Donegan, on one of the many hedgerow walks.

On this Friday’s Sodshow – part 1 of 4 – and in the quest to maintain his own hedgerow Peter Donegan chats with neighbour, garden enthusiast and fellow hedgerow walker and maintainer Phil Murtagh to discuss the how why and just what is required in maintaining your very typical and (in Peters case) extremely overgrown hedgerow.

From the plant species involved to the equipment used and from the life cycle of green waste to the energy consumed (by the human), the energy derived (heat fuel) and a by product of green (the best kind of) chipped waste. Equally as important, if the equipment used and methods will maintain a 1 acre hedgerow, it will very that of lower dimensions.

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